16+ Great DIY Keychains

15 Fabulous DIY Keychain Tutorials

15 Fabulous DIY Keychain Tutorials

You can add some colors and fun to your keys by creating your own keychain. Clay, leather, wood, or any other material yocould use to make your unique keychain. There are also many ways to create a keychain, you just think of how you want your keychain to look and start making it. Keychains are also a perfect handmade gift for any age, it would be a great addition to any gift for mother’s day, father’s day, valentine’s day, or any other occasion. Here are 15 creative DIY keychain tutorials to help you to start crafting your own keychain

1. Monogram Clay Keychain


This project is an easy introduction to working with your metal stamp set, and the end result is a gorgeous brass tag with any word or phrase you can think of.

3. Key Fob Wristlet


Do you often mistakenly take the wrong keys? this wristlet will help prevent that from happening again.

4. Paracord Keychain


For those of you who are quite new to the noble art of paracord tying, this is a beginner friendly guide to making a DIY Paracord Keychain for the keys of your adventure rig.

5. Simple Leather Keychain


This keychain will be a great addition to any fathers day gift, and it will get a ton of use!

6. Felt Cactus Keychains

This is an easy DIY but like any other handcrafted project, it’s time consuming but worth the time. These cacti will look amazing in a baby mobile. you could also use them as banners as well. Possibilities are endless!

7. Leather Tassel Key Chain


Grab a glue gun and upgrade an old key chain to a leather tassel that will make a cute accessory for a wallet.

8. Initial & Headshot Keychain


Use Shrinky Dinks to create a DIY initial and headshot keychain, they’re simple to make but totally unique.

9. Wood Bead keychain


These leather beaded keychains look super stylish and would make fabulous gifts for your girlfriends.

10. Wooden Heart Keychain


These DIY Keychains couldn’t be easier to make, and they are the perfect handmade gift for any age! Great on backpacks for kids and keys for adults!

11. Fabric Wristlet Keychain


This DIY keychain project can be done in about 15-20 minutes. It would also be a great project for a beginner sewer with simple straight lines all around. It’s a great place to start if you’ve always wanted to sew.

12. Pom Pom Keychain

Make a Pom Pom Keychain using a Clover Pom Maker.

13. Personalized Beaded Keychain


You can make one of these personalized beaded keychains in less than 15 minutes or make a few in less than an hour and give them out to your favorite people.

14. Birthplace Map Keychain


If you prefer, instead of birthplaces, you could use places you have traveled to or where you met and got married. There are lots of possibilities!

15. Fabric Scrap Keychain


These little key chains are perfect for showcasing your favorite scrap of fabric, or embellishing with button flowers, felt monograms, or whatever you can dream up!


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