41+2019 Transparent Trend Summer Heels Women’s Shoes

Walk this season with our favorite simple article! Combining elegance and comfort, these gold mule wedges are perfect for any occasion. The PVC foot straps have a fashionable transparent block heel followed by a simple clasp closure on the ankle. Dress them up with your favorite summer maxi or comfort them with crop tops and distressed jeans.

Speed up your summer wardrobe with these wardrobe wedges. Combining elegance and comfort, these blue snake-patterned mule wedges are perfect for babies living to stay in trend. A feature stylish transparent block heel, PVC toe straps followed by simple buckled ankle. Match these wedges with your favorite outfits for a favorite look.

This summer trend set everyone’s favorite multi-snake print block heel. Offering maximum comfort and the latest trends, this heel is perfect for those who want to kill day and night. Featuring today’s most popular neons and embellished with the hottest edition of the season, these high heels will catch your attention wherever you go! Pair it with a silhouette bodycon and a stylish bag for the look we love.


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