Job Opportunities for Housewives: Knitting Toys Making

Job Opportunities for Housewives: Knitting Toys Making

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We continue to search for special jobs for housewives. There are many areas where housewives looking for work at home will undoubtedly turn to them. Handmade products are one of these areas. Special knitting works which require hand dexterity are especially in demand.

Knitting is easy to learn, and today there are a lot of online resources that show you how to do it. In the past, most women learned knitting from books and magazines. However, YouTube is available today and it’s easier to learn from videos.

Knitting is cost effective, curative and portable. Today’s mass consumption movement has begun to squeeze some of it. People have started to pursue more unique products that give an organic feel. This has further opened the door for housewives job opportunities. In this article we will talk about amigurumi (knitting toy) which is a creative job opportunity for housewives.

Almost all parts of knitted toys or animals (eg head, arms, body, feet) are formed by crocheting around a ring. We recommend that you start with the halka magic ring ”technique. (watch the video below)

After learning the magic ring technique, it was time to raise the needle around the rings frequently. The video below shows you how to do the needle frequently. By increasing the number of stitches, you expand the ball outwards. Once you specialize in frequent needles, you can do all your dolls or animals with this simple technique.


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