25+ Homemade Santa Claus Cale Delicious

25+ Homemade Santa Claus Cale Delicious

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How To Make A Santa Cake 

P‘s time to awe your family and friends when they see this wonderful Santa Claus cake you created in a matter of minutes (when you had all the ingredients created a head of time.)Author: JosephRecipe type: Layer CakeCuisine: DessertServes: 1 cakeIngredients


  1. Prepare the vanilla sponge cake. Cool and ice it.
  2. Prepare the Swiss Meringue Buttercream.
  3. Separate out some for the various colors – red, green and flesh.
  4. Make some black colored piping gel.
  5. Have some parchment paper conesavailable

Decorate the cake!

  1. Using the flesh colored buttercream, ice a section of the top which will represent the skin around the eyes and nose.
  2. Using red buttercream ice the area above the flesh colored portion to represent the hat,
  3. Using white buttercream, pipe rosettes to represent the hat furry border.
  4. Continue piping white rosettes along the cake edge from one side of the red hat to the other, Fill in the beard with rosettes
  5. Pipe the mustache by making 2 reverse scrolls.
  6. Use black piping gel for the eyes.
  7. Pipe a red mouth under the mustache.
  8. Pipe 3 green holly leaves
  9. Use red buttercream to pipe the holly berries.
  10. Use red buttercream to pipe a reverse shell border on the top edge.
  11. With the white buttercream, pipe a reverse shell base border,
  12. Use green buttercream to make offset dots around the cake.
  13. Pipe a flesh colored nose above the mustache.
  14. Wow, stand back and look in awe at the creation you created!


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