42+A Wonderful Art Handmade Spinning toys

A Wonderful Art Handmade Spinning toys

What is Amigurumi?

Amigurumi, which we have heard frequently in recent years, is a kind of toy made with crochet knitting method. Some are quite difficult to make. Especially for people who have not knitted at all, it may require a little more ingenuity.

The most basic feature that distinguishes amigurumi from other toys is that it is healthy. Typical amigurumi are toys with tiny arms and legs with a big head and a small body. Your child can play with these toys without any danger. Reports of other toys that sometimes contain carcinogenic substances have caused parents to pay more attention to knitted toys.

Many people of all ages do amigurumi as a hobby because it is both enjoyable and easy to learn and decorative.

Amigurumi is a traditional Japanese art. Amigurumi is a word of Japanese origin, and the knitting needles derived from the words Ami (knitted) and nuigurumi (stuffed toy) are well known to the dolls.


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